#65 – Gillett Health Hair Protocol

In their latest podcast, Dr. Kyle Gillett and James O’Hara, NP, share their tips and personal experience with hair loss and promoting hair growth.

The discussion includes dutasteride and finasteride, two meds that tackle hair loss by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. These drugs work differently, with varied effectiveness and potential side effects. They also dive into minoxidil, explaining how it is activated by conversion to it’s sulfated form, which explains the generally better efficacy of oral minoxidil.

The podcast explores using growth agonists like GHK-Cu and topical treatments like microneedling to boost hair growth. They consider genetic factors too, like Androgen Receptor CAG repeat length, and how they influence responses to treatments targeting androgen-related hair loss.

Also discussed include neurotoxin injections, like botulinum toxin, and their effects on scalp health and hair growth, drawing from relevant studies. Pain management during procedures like microneedling is discussed too, with a nod to the limitations of scalp numbing techniques.

While they briefly touch on epigenetic and fertility risks linked to some treatments, they mainly focus on the use of personalized treatment plans acknowledging the variability in individual responses to medications and interventions.

Throughout the chat, they stress the importance of evidence-based shared decision-making.


00:00 Intro

02:59 Kyle’s regimen

07:22 Hair Care Stack for Non-Fertility

11:32 Stimulant for Hair Growth

12:32 Micro Trauma Management

13:58 Enhancing Blood Circulation

15:09 Hair Care Stack for Fertility

19:05 James’ Daily Routine

19:40 Managing Androgen Levels

24:54 Addressing Side Effects

26:52 Use of Ketoconazole

28:18 Stimulant for Hair Growth

32:36 Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Scalp

37:14 Botulinum Toxin Treatment

38:50 Techniques for Pain Management during Microneedling

41:23 Outro