Direct Primary Care
(Local Only)

What is direct primary care? In short, DPC is an innovative alternative payment model with a simple, flat rate, transparent, and affordable membership fee. No fee-for-service payments. No third-party billing. In this model, we cultivate an enduring and trusting relationship between patients and their health care provider without the middleman. It is empowering and is truly getting medicine back to its grass roots!

We have also partnered with Zion Health Sharing, which will provide wonderful benefits and opportunities for our patients.


Direct Primary Care

Local only with Amanda Morris, NP and Mark Gillett, MD

WAITLIST CURRENTLY IN PLACE for AMANDA MORRIS – please inquire for more details and to reserve a spot.

Annual wellness exams/labs, primary care visits (rash, ear infection, blood pressure, etc.). Available to answer messages during business hours.

There are no co-pays, out-of-network visit charges, or fees for additional visits. All office visits are included with monthly membership.

$40/mo Ages 0-29 WITH adult member
$100/mo Ages 0-29 (without adult member)
$110/mo Ages 30-49
$125/mo Ages 50-64
$135/mo Ages 50+

**If enrolling children without a parent, $100 for first child and $40 for each additional child from same family

Enrollment fee = $100/person or $200/family; this allows staff to process paperwork and build your chart. Once you are an active enrolled member, you are then eligible for DPC, Individualized Medicine, or A La Carte visits with Amanda Morris.

Kyle Gillett, MD and James O’Hara, NP are not available for DPC.

We now offer Aesthetic services! Providers available to schedule with at our Leawood, KS clinic:
Kyle Gillett (MD), James O’Hara (NP), and Amanda Morris (NP)

Now offering:

Xeomin, Radiesse, and Belotero Injections

SaltFacial, Vampire Facial, and SkinPen Microneedling

Hair Restoration Therapy, Exosome Therapy

Please inquire for pricing!

Individualized Medicine

Available both locally and virtually via Zoom

– Four hours of visits per year to build and support your unique health goals.

– Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging with providers, messages answered within 5 business days.

– Discounted lab testing.

– Supplements and prescriptions at wholesale cost.

$8,900/year to work with Kyle Gillett, MD
$5,600/year to work with James O’Hara, NP
$3,200/year to work with Tom Egan, MD
$2,900/year to work with Taylor Martin, DO
$2,000/year + $100 enrollment fee to work with Amanda Morris, NP


Our dieticians personalized nutritional assessments, recommendations, and guidance to help individuals attain their health and wellness objectives through tailored dietary strategies.

Our strength coaches partner with clients to develop or fine-tune their exercise plans, offering personalized guidance and expert coaching advice.

Single visits and visit bundles available.

Local options:
Dietary – Adrienne, RD
Strength coaching – Renae

Non-Local options:
Dietary – Diana, RD
Strength coaching – Matt

See Pricing

Concierge Medicine

Available both locally and virtually via Zoom

– Unlimited visits to build and support your unique health goals.
– Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging with providers, messages answered within 1-2 business days.
– Discounted lab testing, supplements and prescriptions at wholesale cost.
– Additional Services: comprehensive medication/supplement review, discounted dietician consults available.

Work with Kyle Gillett, MD
$15,000 – 3 months
$25,000 – 6 months
$40,000 – 12 months

Work with James O’Hara, NP
$4,800 – 3 months
$7,200 – 6 months
$12,000 – 12 months

Work with Taylor Martin, DO
$4,000 – 3 months
$6,000 – 6 months
$10,000 – 12 months

45 minutes | Single Consultation

Kyle Gillett, MD – $1200
James O’Hara, NP – $600
Taylor Martin, DO – $500
Tom Egan, MD – $500

Local Only with Amanda Morris, NP:
$100 enrollment fee to become a Gillett Direct member (unless already paid with DPC family membership)
15 minute – $150 (acute visit, sports physical, etc)
45 minute – $300 (consultation, lab review and plan, second opinions, etc)

Please note – prescriptions are not included with single consultations.

Concierge Medicine

Our Concierge Medicine option is good for those who desire direct contact with their doctor, or for those who desire no limit on the number of visits per year.

Concierge Medicine gives you direct contact with your provider via the HIPAA-compliant app pMD for unlimited messages via text, voice call, and video call at any time.

Our concierge patients benefit from the pMD app, which makes it easier than ever to connect with your provider when you need it most.


Changing the paradigm of health care. Their Podcasts with Dr. Kyle Gillett and Nurse Practitioner James O’Hara reveals their passion for education and empowering patients to utilize science-based tools for individualized medicine. An Integrative team approach with responsive and accountable office support, I’m grateful to be a patient.

Just joined as a patient but so far I have been extremely impressed with the degree of expertise and thoroughness I have experienced.

“Dr. Kyle Gillett is an extraordinary endocrinologist who offers a remarkable consultation experience. His ability to listen and provide comprehensive explanations of complex medical concepts set him apart from others. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kyle Gillett for your endocrinology needs. His exceptional knowledge and genuine compassion will ensure your health is in the best of hands.”