What is Health Optimization
and Concierge Medicine?

Health Optimization

  • Ongoing support with your provider to optimize your health and prevent the onset of chronic disease using a multifaceted approach that integrates lifestyle interventions, bloodwork, genetics, and each person’s unique health goals to create the best individualized health plan.

Concierge Medicine

  • Our most premium offering. Health optimization with unlimited visits and direct access to your provider. Limited availability. Apply now.

Why Do People Choose
Health Optimization and
Concierge Medicine?

  • Get the best of both worlds: Be treated as a unique individual, and get care from providers that practice evidence-based medicine.
  • Our Health Optimization Clinic is a great choice for those who desire to be optimally health, not just free of disease. If you have considered functional medicine (identifying and treating the root cause), body composition optimization, or desire care from experts in achieving hormone health, cognitive health, fertility optimization, and more, this clinic is perfect for you.
  • Our Concierge Medicine option is good for those who desire direct contact with their doctor, or for those who desire no limit on the number of visits per year.
  • Concierge Medicine gives you direct contact with your doctor via HIPPA compliant app Unlimited messages, text call, and video call, directly to your doctor.

How do I get started?

  • Schedule a visit and complete the Intake Form (sent via email)
  • Participate in a free intake call to sign up as a patient or for
    additional information about clinic services
  • Visit with your healthcare provider four times a year


Changing the paradigm of health care. Their Podcasts with Dr. Kyle Gillett and Nurse Practitioner James O’Hara reveals their passion for education and empowering patients to utilize science-based tools for individualized medicine. An Integrative team approach with responsive and accountable office support, I’m grateful to be a patient.

Just joined as a patient but so far I have been extremely impressed with the degree of expertise and thoroughness I have experienced.

“Dr. Kyle Gillett is an extraordinary endocrinologist who offers a remarkable consultation experience. His ability to listen and provide comprehensive explanations of complex medical concepts set him apart from others. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kyle Gillett for your endocrinology needs. His exceptional knowledge and genuine compassion will ensure your health is in the best of hands.”