PLEASE NOTE – we are in the process of finalizing Dr. Mark Gillett’s transition process. We appreciate your patience and will reach out to all inquiries when ready to begin scheduling and seeing patients.

Welcoming Dr. Mark Gillett

Mark Gillett, MD, is a board-certified family medicine physician. Dr. Mark Gillett grew up helping his dad in a veterinary clinic and always enjoyed medical research. He enjoys practicing at Gillett Health with his middle and oldest sons Kyle and Grant, an MD and DMD (dentist). His areas of clinical focus include family practice, allergy, dermatology, infertility, pediatrics, preventive medicine, weight loss management and sports medicine. Dr. Gillett believes in communicating extensively and openly with his patients to help them enjoy the best health possible.

Plans for everyone

Dr. Mark accepts all insurances, which can be helpful for covering diagnostics, some labs, and medications.
Insurance will not cover membership fees.
There are no co-pays, out-of-network visit charges, or fees for visits.

Direct Primary Care

Annual wellness exams and annual lab review, primary care acute visits (sore throat, sinus symptoms, UTI, cough, etc.)

Enrollment fee –
$100/person or $200/family

$40/month – ages 0-29 WITH adult member

$100/month – ages 0-29 (without adult member)

$110/month – ages 30-49

$125/month – ages 50-64

$135/month – ages 65+

What’s Included
  • Discounted lab testing

    Supplements and prescriptions at wholesale cost

    Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging, answered within 5 business days

Individualized Medicine

Hormone care, weight/body composition care, ADHD management, pain management, sleep management

Enrollment fee –
$100/person or $200/family

Payment options:




Add on to Direct Primary Care plan for $80/month

What’s Included
  • Four hours of visits per year

    Discounted lab testing

    Supplements and prescriptions at wholesale cost

    Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging, answered within 5 business days

    25% off membership for spouses

Concierge Medicine

Upgraded tier of Individualized Medicine

Payment options:

$4,000 – 3 months
$6,000 – 6 months
$10,000 – 12 months

What’s Included
  • Unlimited visits to build and support your unique health goals

    Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging with providers and clinical staff, messages answered within 1-2 business days

    Discounted lab testing

    Supplements and prescriptions at wholesale cost

    Comprehensive medication/supplement review, discounted dietician consults

    25% off membership for spouses

A La Carte – Single visit options

Enrollment fee – $100/person or $200/family

  • $200 – 15 minute visit (illness/sick visit, rash, children’s sports physical)

  • $350 – 30 minute visit (other acute care, wellness exam, consultation, second opinions)
  • $500 – 45 minute visit (lab review and treatment plan, consultation)

Please note – prescriptions are not included with single consultations.


We’re here to help.

Contact our team below for further questions or establishing care.

  • 913-356-1006


At Gillett Health, we operate on a membership basis, which isn’t covered by insurance, and we will not bill insurance for any visits. However, you may use an HSA or FSA card for payment.

While we are happy to process labs, prescriptions, and required imaging through your insurance (any carrier), we often explore cost-efficient alternatives such as coupon codes and out-of-pocket pricing rates.

DPC (Direct Primary Care) covers annual wellness exams and annual lab review, and primary care acute visits (sore throat, sinus symptoms, UTI, cough, etc). Does not cover specialty care (hormone care, body composition, fertility, pain management, advanced cardiac risk factor assessment via labs and cardiac imaging) – this is Individualized Medicine (specialty medicine), also known as health optimization.

With DPC there is zero copay. Unlimited free visits and unlimited (non-urgent) messaging, can take several business days. We will not bill insurance for any visits. Insurance will still cover the same medications, labs, and imaging as before. (We do offer excellent discounted/wholesale pricing when insurance does not cover at a low enough cost, which is most of the time).

The only receipts we are able to generate will provide a brief description of services (such as “Membership Fees – $160.00”). We do not bill insurance for office visits, so our receipts do not include any insurance billing codes.

Insurance coverage is not guaranteed for lab work, and our office has no way to give an estimated cost. While we can process your labs through insurance, it is possible they bill you far more than the out-of-pocket cost we can offer, since lab work is priced significantly higher when billed to insurance companies. We are happy to provide you with the list of labs as recommended by your provider if you would like to call your insurance company to verify coverage prior to ordering.

Yes! While some visits might require an in-person examination (for example annual wellness exam or sick visit for sore throat), you are more than welcome to schedule your appointment as virtual telemedicine. It is ideal that we see you for at least one visit in person per year.