How It Works

Our Panels give very comprehensive overviews of critical parameters whether you are interested in stress hormones, nutrition, sexual function.

Our Add-ons delve deep into more specific testing that can meet your advanced needs, or may be particularly relevant depending on your family history. Feel free to request what you are interested in alongside the panel of your choice.

Expect results within 5-15 days after getting blood drawn.

Home testing with a mobile phlebotomist may be available and may come with a fee. Inquire for details.

Important Disclaimers


Changing the paradigm of health care. Their Podcasts with Dr. Kyle Gillett and Nurse Practitioner James O’Hara reveals their passion for education and empowering patients to utilize science-based tools for individualized medicine. An Integrative team approach with responsive and accountable office support, I’m grateful to be a patient.

Just joined as a patient but so far I have been extremely impressed with the degree of expertise and thoroughness I have experienced.

“Dr. Kyle Gillett is an extraordinary endocrinologist who offers a remarkable consultation experience. His ability to listen and provide comprehensive explanations of complex medical concepts set him apart from others. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kyle Gillett for your endocrinology needs. His exceptional knowledge and genuine compassion will ensure your health is in the best of hands.”